Laying Down Our Stones and Learning to Forgive

Have you ever been hurt by someone you loved and trusted? Have you ever been so hurt that you became bitter? Have you ever been so bitter that you felt the bitterness eating away at you like a cancer? Have you ever refused to forgive that person who wronged you? Have you ever wanted to forgive someone, but felt that you could not?

This sermon is a very frank and practical teaching on forgiveness. It answers questions like: Why do we have to forgive? How do we forgive? And, how do we trust again? The content of this teaching originates from both biblical principles and my own personal experiences. My goal in this message is to thoroughly explain why forgiveness is such an important part of the healing process as well as a vital component of healthy relationships.

Laying Down Our Stones and Learning to Forgive -to download .pdf of sermon notes

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  1. […] #10 Consider forgiveness. Yes, it is that time.  You will never be able to totally recover or “move on” without forgiving those who hurt you.  I know, I know, this is a tough one…  -BUT IT IS ESSENTIAL.  No one can make you forgive, not even God Himself.  Your recovery must progress to the place where “you” want to forgive.  This is a big step, but it is also a very liberating step.  Continue to seek God and let it come naturally as He works in your heart.  *There is so much more I could say here.  If you would like further teaching and explanation in this area, please visit this link:  Forgiveness Teaching […]

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