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My name is Eric Starkey.  I have been married to Amy for nineteen years. She is my wife and my best friend. We have three children: Lily, Abby and Nathan.  Lily is 16, Abby is 13 and Nathan is 11 years old and all boy.  Needless to say, our home is a very entertaining place and we like it that way.

Amy and I were both born and raised in south Louisiana.  In 2006, we moved from Louisiana to the midwest to plant a church.  While we enjoyed living in the midwest and found it difficult to leave all of the friends we had made, we felt led to move back to south Louisiana in August of 2014.  Ponchatoula, Louisiana is our new home and we are enjoying the process of reconnecting with all of our family and friends in the area.

I have been blessed to build a bi-vocational career doing ministry while earning a living as an information technology and management consultant.  I graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University with a General Studies Bachelors concentrated in Applied Behavioral Sciences.  My academic education has given me a solid foundation but life, practical experience and wisdom gleaned from others have been superior educators.

A few months before my nineteenth birthday, I realized that I had a calling to the ministry.  Since that time, I have been on the journey of fulfilling that call.  Over the past nineteen years I have served in just about every common pastoral role in ministry: from children’s minister, to lead pastor, to church planter, interim pastor –and everything in between.  About three years ago, after eleven straight years spent in church planting, I decided to take a break from vocational ministry in order to recharge my batteries and spend some time focusing on my family.  Since then I have been doing itinerate ministry work in Indiana and Illinois serving as an interim pastor, doing pulpit supply and working on clergy teams for the local Walk to Emmaus Community.

Over the past 20 years, I have participated in ministry in and with various denominations: Baptist, Methodist, Wesleyan, Assembly of God, Church of God, Presbyterian, Catholic, non-denominational and I am sure I am missing a few others.  The one commonality I have found in all these churches is that there are people in every church who love God dearly.  While these churches’ doctrinal statements might declare that they are different, I have discovered that they are much more alike than they realize.  I truly wish that Christians would focus on our commonalities rather than our differences.  -I am working to be better at doing this myself.

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