Life is Good!

I am laying in bed at 6am in the morning. I should be working out but I will throw a post up to express a few thoughts that are in my mind. Last night I returned from a few day business trip to KC, MO. When I walked through the front door of our home, I was greeted by three children eager to claim hugs while expressing that they loved me and missed me and a wife who truly is my best friend on this earth. After putting the kids to bed, we laid in our bed for at least and hour and talked about the events of the past few days and some of our plans and dreams for the future.

As we talked last night, a subtle but consistent theme in the conversation was the faithfulness of God in all the areas of our lives. From our family lives, to our ministry, to our plans and dreams for both our professional futures, life is good!

As I laid in bed last night and this morning, I could not help but think that I am the happiest I have even been in my life. For whatever reason, I am actually a little scared to come out and say that, but it is the truth. We have made a lot of hard changes in the past couple of years, and they are paying off. And as we learn to truly surrender our lives, our plans, and even our dreams to God, there is a quiet confidence that is building in our spirits that confirms in our hearts and minds that everything is going to be OK. We don’t have all the answers, to be honest, in regards to some areas, I have no idea of what the future looks like, but that’s OK. Life is good and we are going learn to stop and smell the roses and enjoy it.

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