A Few Thoughts about “My New Girl Friend” …and Community

Yesterday evening I wanted to get a lot accomplished after leaving work.  We have been working hard finishing up a kitchen and dining room remodel on our new house.  I really wanted to complete the electrical work before the weekend as we had invited friends over this evening and tomorrow.  In addition, I wanted to get the grass cut before Isaac visited us.  Cutting the grass was somewhat more complicated than you might think as I was still waiting for my new garden tractor to be delivered.  So my “to do” list was as follows: receive delivery of the new tractor, (AKA “my new girl friend” as my wife has labeled it) mow the yard and complete the electrical in the kitchen.  -Completing the electrical in the kitchen would have made for a full evening by itself.

I had my evening all planned out and was on task.  I stopped at Starbucks and got myself a venti of Pikes Place to hop-up on caffeine and began working on the electrical -as I waited for the Husqvarna dealer to deliver “my new girl friend.” After half an hour or so the dealer arrived and I walked outside to greet him.  Now you must understand that the local Husqvarna dealer is a very friendly person, and his wife came with him as well.  Amy eventually came outside; I saw the perfect storm developing before my eyes.  A looooooong conversation broke out.  I think we identified the species of EVERY tree, shrub and blade of grass in our front yard.  AND he thoroughly informed me of everything I ever wanted to about my new tractor, plus a lot more. The conversation continued on and I knew “my time” was expiring quickly.

In the middle of all the conversation as I was thinking about my “to do” list, the Holy Spirit gently reminded me of something.  We are created for community; we are created for relationship.  As we all stood in our front yard, chatting and admiring God’s creation -and thus God Himself, we were literally fulfilling God’s purpose in creating us.  God did not create us to merely sell & deliver garden tractors, replace old electrical receptacles, hang new lighting fixtures and have “affairs” with yard equipment; He created us for relationship.  -To know, and to be known by Him and each other.  After that subtle reminder, I yielded to “my purpose” and engaged fully in the conversation. I am glad that I did.

After forty-five minutes or so, the dealer and his wife left.  It was already beginning to get dark so I quickly hopped on my brand new mower and quickly cut most of the yard using the headlights; I did not get much time to admire her “power and beauty.”  I then quickly returned to the kitchen to finish my electrical project. I finished everything but one light fixture.  It was late and I knew I did not have the patience left to tackle that final light fixture…  So, we gave in and went to bed around midnight.  Then, this morning I “miraculously” woke up an hour early.  As I laid in bed, wide awake and feeling refreshed, guess what I thought about? I had just enough time to hang that last light fixture.  ; )

I try my very best NOT to over spiritualize things; I think “church people”  are often guilty of that.  However I do believe that when we yield to “our purpose” and stop hanging out with “our mistresses,” we find new strength, refreshment and productivity.  God has reminded me of that Truth this morning.

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